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Support Us  

We raise funds to support the Guardian’s and Observer’s Positive Action work-placement scheme. We also raise funds for the annual lecture held by the History of Medicine Society of the Royal Society of Medicine and for a prize awarded jointly by the Trust, the History of Medicine Society and the Medical Journalists Association in order to promote Sarah’s ideals as a journalist. Sarah always encouraged truth in journalism, she was fascinated by, studied and wrote about, in all its manifestations, good and bad, real  or imagined, the 'human condition'. Medicine (the term used in a broad, historically grounded sense) can be interpreted as the study of humanity, the science of human life and wellbeing. The aim of The Sarah Hughes Trust is to continue to support and champion veracity in journalism particularly as applied to the human condition.  

Ní bheidh do leithéid arís ann 
The Sarah Hughes Trust.  We are a registered charity (CI0 Foundation). Registered charity no. 1196948